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Sports Performance

STi Performance Enhancement Training Program utilizes state of the art and advanced training techniques  to enhance individualized progressive strength and conditioning programs. Our program is designed to help athletes improve all the skills necessary to achieve optimum performance in their sport and activity.


  • Speed/Agility/Quickness
  • Power
  • Sport Specific Strength
  • Endurance/Conditioning
  • Biomechanics
  • Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition/Supplementation

Strength And Conditioning Training Program

General Fitness/ Recreational Sports

STI Strength and conditioning programs are established for the individuals that are looking to further their strength conditioning beyond the conventional post rehabilitative injury.

This program includes:

  • Increase overall strength and conditioning levels
  • Advanced Stabilization, flexibility and dynamic flexibility
  • Development and Progression of advanced therapeutic exercises to meet post injury needs
  • Functional Sports Specific Training Techniques, advanced therapeutic exercises
  • Biomechanical Awareness Jumping Ability
  • Quickness, Power, Local Muscular Endurance
  • Under the supervision and progression of the conditioning specialist
  • Continued education and reinforcement of proper biomechanics with exercises
  • Sports Specific Training for recreational sports
  • Improved health and energy
  • Improve activities of daily living and work performance
  • Questions and answers of general health and wellness behaviors

All programs are under the supervision of professional degreed Strength & Conditioning Specialist


First Month $350.00
Each additional month $250.00

Performance Enhancement Training Program

STI’s program incorporates state of the art strength and conditioning techniques, progressive training and advance program designed to help athletes improve all the skills necessary to achieve optimum performance in their sport and activity. Through the results of our evaluation, programming is developed, instructed, and progressed based on Individual goals and needs with special emphasis on increasing:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Speed / Agility/ Quickness
  • Power / Explosiveness/Jumping Ability
  • Overall Endurance/ Local Muscle Endurance
  • Flexibility/ Dynamic Flexibility
  • Biomechanics Awareness/ Injury Prevention
  • Propioceptor Response/ Coordination And Balance
  • Program Supervised by Degreed Strength and Conditioning Specialists


First Month $350.00
Each Additional Month $250.00

We also develop nutritional guidelines with proper food awareness. We will assist in knowledge of supplementation.

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