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ASTYM Treatment

What is ASTYM?

ASTYM (A’-stim) stands for “a stimulation” of the body’s healing response, which results in the remodeling/resorption of scar tissue and the regeneration of degenerated tendons. The approach is a non-invasive therapy that works fast and consistently.

On what conditions does ASTYM treatment work best?

  • Lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow)
  • Medial epicondylosis (golfer’s elbow)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Trigger finger
  • Plantar fasciopathy/heel pain
  • Achilles tendinosis
  • Shin splints
  • Patellar tendinosis
  • IT band syndrome
  • Chronic hamstring strain
  • Joint contractures
  • Overuse injuries
  • Pain or loss of motion & function following surgery, trauma, or overuse injury

Why ASTYM Treatment?

Because our patients deserve to be active and pain free.

  • ASTYM treatment delivers long-term results with short-term therapy – a typical course of treatment lasts only 4-6 weeks.
  • You get to stay active – during ASTYM therapy, you are typically encouraged to continue normal activities. You can still go to work, stay in your sport, or participate in your favorite activity without taking time off from your life while you heal.
  • It’s non-invasive – no needles, no knives, no drugs. Period.
  • It really fixes the problem – the ASTYM process doesn’t just treat the symptoms or hide a problem with a temporary solution. Instead, it stimulates the body to heal properly and completely.
  • It can only be performed by ASTYM-certified providers, clinicians who have undergone intensive training.
  • ASTYM treatment was developed by experienced medical professionals, including physicians, scientists, and clinicians, through years of detailed research.

What’s the Treatment Like?

You become an active participant in your recovery!

The problem starts with scarring or degeneration:
Stubborn soft tissue injuries result when inappropriate healing occurs in muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Scar tissue can be part of your body’s normal healing process following injury, repetitive uses, or surgery, but sometimes the scarring gets out of control. In these cases, scar tissue becomes disorganized and crazy – it looks like steel wool. Healthy tissue lies down in nice, tidy, organized lines. Scar tissue can restrict the natural movement of soft tissue, and those restrictions can cause pain.

Degenerative tendons are simply not producing enough healthy cells and collagen (the substance that gives tendons their strength). A degenerative tendon is unhealthy, has poor blood flow, and is prone to weakness and injury.
The ASTYM process works to heal both the problem of scar (inappropriate healing) and degeneration (inability to heal properly)

Jump-start the healing process!
ASTYM treatment initiates the natural healing response of the body by gently disrupting abnormal soft tissue. The body sends new collagen to the area being treated, replacing dysfunctional tissue with healthy tissue.

Here’s how it works:

First we stimulate:
An ASTYM-certified clinician uses specially designed instruments to identify the dysfunctional areas where you are hurt. He or she will run instruments firmly along your skin, following the direction of the muscle, tendon, or ligament. You will feel bumps as the instrument moves along your skin. These bumps are the defective soft tissue. The first couple of treatments may be uncomfortable – but stick with it. As your body heals, those bumps decrease and the area around your old injury will smooth out nicely, indicating healing. There also may be some mild bruising in the area being treated, but don’t worry! That is one indication that the body is hard at work, absorbing the old tissue and laying down healthy new tissue.

Then you stretch and strengthen:
It’s up to you to guide how your body heals. Your therapist will give you a customized stretching and strengthening program designed to encourage your body to heal correctly. Stretching tells the new fibers to line up properly, in nice parallel lines. Strengthening makes the fibers stronger, allowing your symptoms of pain and discomfort to go away.

And stay active:
We’ve found that if you continue to work, play sports, or do your favorite activities throughout your ASTYM course of therapy, the tissue remodeling will occur in a way that supports these activities. The great news is that ASTYM allows you to participate in these activities without the pain you previously felt. By remaining active during the ASTYM process, you will get even stronger in the old injured area.

Click here to Watch a short video of the ASTYM process.

Can’t I Just Do This Myself?

You can only get the results ASTYM treatment delivers from an ASTYM-certified therapist.

When you see the treatment done, it looks simple… but don’t let it fool you. Every stroke is done for a specific purpose with an extensive background of knowledge behind it to determine the precise application. The ASTYM system’s outstanding results can not be achieved by picking up something you have at home and rubbing it along your skin. If this worked, there wouldn’t have been any need to spend years on the research and development process. Without the specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with training on the precise application of the treatment, you (or someone working on you) could either be very ineffective, or could actually damage your tissue and make your injury worse.

Medical professionals explicitly insist on ASTYM treatment for their patients because of its solid scientific basis, consistent quality, and excellent results.

You deserve the best – ask for ASTYM treatment.

ASTYM System Outcomes

As certified providers, we can give you detailed information about the effectiveness and appropriateness of the ASTYM treatment. The research and extensive outcomes database took years to develop and collect. The result is a large, reliable database that gives you specific and important information, such as the following:

  • Prior to treatment, you will know how many visits you can expect to resolve your condition.
  • You will know if your injury or condition is treatable with ASTYM therapy.
  • You will be able to predict a range, based on the number of treatments required, of how much ASTYM therapy will cost.
  • Research shows that ASTYM therapy is safe.
  • Outcomes, collected across the country, prove that it works.

To view a sample report, click on the link below. For additional information, visit the ASTYM website at

ASTYM Outcome Reports

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