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Could You Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Many of you may unaware of all of the ways in which physical or occupational/hand therapy can help to improve your quality of life. If you find that you cannot do certain things due to pain, then it might be time to talk with your doctor or speak with one of our therapists to see if physical therapy is right for you.

Could you benefit from physical therapy? The following are a few of the common challenges our patients’ experience prior to beginning treatment.

• Inability to stand or sit comfortably for long periods of time

• Difficulty getting in and out of bed

• Trouble sleeping

• Difficulty getting dressed, preparing a meal or opening containers

• Inability to walk for a minimum of 20 minutes

• Trouble with balance or unsteadiness

• Unable to enjoy leisure activities

• Unable to interact with children or grandchildren

• Limited ability to participate in or pain during exercise

• Unable to work or perform job duties

• Difficulty going up and down steps or curbs

If you find yourself avoiding or in pain due to the most basic daily activities, hobbies or recreational pursuits relief could be found in physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy doesn’t involve medication or invasive procedures and it does not mask the pain or discomfort. Physical therapy is intended to resolve the issue, get you back to your normal activities and allow you to enjoy the things you love to do.

At STI Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation it is our mission to get every one of our patients back to their work, their play and their life! We have a full staff of highly trained practitioners at eight convenient locations ready to serve you. There is no need to wait any longer, we strive to get new patients in within 24-48 hours. Call today to schedule your initial evaluation (602) 467-8698 or visit our website for more information on how we can help you. Medicare, AHCCCS, workers compensation, personal injury and most insurance accepted.

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